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becksbooks [userpic]

Zoey - 11 months!

March 28th, 2011 (08:52 pm)

Holy cow! I almost have a one-year-old! How did that happen?

So let's see...Zoey at 11 months. She has 12 teeth (and BTW, a special eff you to whoever invented molars. Square teeth? That have to come through the gums? Really? Thanks a lot.) Due to the molars, her sleeping got all messed up, but we've more or less got her back to sleeping through the night. Which means that her next teeth should start coming in tonight. I keep telling myself that it means she'll be done teething sooner than most kids. It helps during the day, not so much at 2:30 in the morning.
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becksbooks [userpic]

Zoey - 8 months old at Christmas!

December 27th, 2010 (09:16 am)

Zoey's growing by leaps and bounds...at least it seems that way.

At 8 months, she:
Can pull herself up to standing
Cruise for short distances
Make pretty much any sound under the sun
Eats lots of solid foods (trying for meat in the next couple of days!)
Loves music (her favorite toy is a cat keyboard she got for Christmas)
Has seven teeth
Sleeps through the night (7:30-5:00 or so)
Crawls all over
Loves animals (Connor, our long-haired cat is her favorite - he lets her pull his hair and flop all over him)

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becksbooks [userpic]

In the past week...

December 3rd, 2010 (10:29 pm)

Zoey has learned how to sit up by herself (she's had the ability to pull herself up...based on her pulling herself up with my fingers...for a while, but the sitting up only manifested last Sunday), learned how to crawl (as of yesterday) and is *this* close to pulling herself up to standing (today).

I think she just spend the last month observing all the kids at daycare, taking careful notes so she could do it all at once! Crazy times.

I tried to get a picture of her pulling herself up to standing today, but she stopped the second I got the camera out. She loves cameras...just sits and smiles at them and then tries to grab them. Any other action is completely forgotten.

Also, Randy would like you all to know that he is, indeed, a sexy beast.

becksbooks [userpic]


August 29th, 2010 (09:13 pm)

Zoey will now take bottles...although she's picky about WHICH bottle she takes...I need to make a trip to Target to pick up some backups (my sister gave me about thirty bottles that Zoey is NOT a fan of. C'est la vie.) She also is a major fan of food, especially if it involves applesauce. We're up to three bottles a day, and hopefully we'll be on total formula except for the bedtime/nighttime wake-up nursing by the time school starts. We'll see how that works =P

In *gasp* non-Zoey related news: School starts in a week. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I am feeling supremely unprepared, especially because we have to be ready for ParentPalooza on Wednesday next week. We have classroom time during THURSDAY'S work day (why they can't swap Weds/Thurs, I don't know...). That day, we have meetings from 8-3...then ParentPalooza from 6-8. Long freaking day. Oy.

In fantastic wonderful news: it's FOOTBALL SEASON!

becksbooks [userpic]

Frustrating, stubborn four-month-old!

August 26th, 2010 (09:46 pm)

Zoey's four moth wbc was yesterday. The verdict: She's tall and skinny! 24 7/8" tall (75%), 12 lb 7 oz (30%). Head is 50%. She'd probably be in the 50% range for weight as well, but she's fighting the switch to formula and has had a couple of days of lower food intake.

By "fighting the switch" I mean that she would pretty much rather go hungry than eat. Due to my mix-up on dates, Randy was at home solo for her first planned formula day while I was in meetings at school. She didn't eat all day. Up until that point, she had been fine with the occasional bottle, but now bottles - even with breastmilk - are Bad Things in her eyes.

We've switched to just one (now pushing for two) meals a day with a bottle, but she is really unhappy about it. We also got the ok to start her on rice cereal, which she tolerates in small amounts (less than a tablespoon actually stays in her). This is pretty damned baffling, considering it's mixed with the exact same formula she so vehemently rejects.

This means that she's been cranky and low-energy (kind of like me when I don't eat enough!) and I've been frustrated and cranky...and Randy's been trying to make both of us cheer the hell up already.

Tonight was a success of sorts - she ate nearly a full ounce of formula before she remembered that it was Bad Nasty Evil Sauce and threw a screaming fit.

I'm concerned because I go back to school in just over a week...and my boobs will no longer be available to her on demand.

OTOH, she is still the most amazingly adorable baby I know
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becksbooks [userpic]

side effects to rolling over

July 29th, 2010 (07:52 am)

Zoey has decided that she will be sleeping on her side from now on, thankyouverymuch. That meant last night went something like this:

8:00 - put to bed
9:00 - check, find her on her side, leaning towards on stomach. Roll her over, waking her up
9:10 - she's back to sleep
10:30 - check otw to bed ourselves. Find her on her side. Roll her on to back. She rolls back. Repeat.
11:00 - try again to put her on her back. Succeed. Yay! Now I can sleep!
11:45 - she rolls on to her stomach, waking herself up. Not. Happy.
12:15 - Give up on the hope that she'll go back to sleep without nursing (even though she doesn't usually eat again for several more hours)
1:00 - Get back to bed.
1:30 - fall asleep despite the continual strange noises coming through the monitor every two minutes (just long enough to *almost* get to sleep before the next noise).
2:30 - Wake up, check to make sure Zoey's still breathing (she's on her back)
3:30 - Wake up, check to make sure ZOey's still breathing (she's on her side)
4:30 - many noises from the monitor...wake up all the way, sure that it's feeding time. Find out Zoey's just squirming around (on her side) and making noises in her sleep.
5:45 - Zoey's awake and hungry. Oh, and up for the day.

The lesson I learned: She's just fine and dandy on her side, so I a) shouldn't risk waking her up to roll her onto her back and b) should probably not wake up every hour on the hour to check on her. Because I am DAMNED tired right now (I feel like I did when she was 2-3 weeks old). Pretty sure that I'll be napping while she naps this morning.

becksbooks [userpic]

Baby pictures!

July 28th, 2010 (11:11 am)

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becksbooks [userpic]

baby update - 3 months

July 27th, 2010 (02:37 pm)

Important milestone reached yesterday: Rolling back-to-front. She can now go in both directions. It took her two days of really concerted effort (read: lots of flailing back and forth and ALMOST) rolling over to get there.

When she got on her stomach, she was Not Happy. She's not a huge fan of tummy time anyway, although she's gotten better about it as she's gotten older, but she seemed surprised and a little upset at how her arms were trapped and just screamed! Then she farted and that surprised her into being quiet.

A few minutes later, she casually did it again, sans screaming...she knew what to expect that time!

Unfortunately, that means I can't swaddle her anymore at night - visions of her rolling on to her stomach and not being able to roll back over. Not good. Luckily, she went to bed ok last night without it and slept for about 5 hours before waking up, then went another 4 or so. It wasn't as bad as I had feared, but not nearly as nice as the 7-9 hour stretch I'm used to. Plus the last two days, she's decided that 5AM is a marvelous time to be up and playing.

It's hard to be upset when she's awake in the morning, though, because she is super happy then and just grins constantly. If you can be grumpy with a grinning baby, you are made of sterner stuff than I am! Then again, I have the option of staying up with her until she eats again, then telling Randy it's his turn while I grab a skosh more sleep. He's usually not too grumpy about it. Of course, he's not too happy about it either...

She's also started grabbing things if they're easy to hold and don't require too much in the way of specific aim. Clothes are a favorite, as are the links on her floor gym thingie...she's not really ready for rattles...I keep trying to give her one and she's supremely disinterested.

Randy's planning on setting up the baby corral we have...with ufc logos on it (we thought it was an octagon at first...turns out it's only a hexagon. That's because it's the baby league ;-))

becksbooks [userpic]

One happy baby

June 17th, 2010 (03:18 pm)

She smiles all day long...at her toys, when we sing silly songs...just at random cause we look funny...

still just the one laugh, though

becksbooks [userpic]

Baby update

June 11th, 2010 (11:05 am)

Zoey is 6 weeks old and growing out of her clothes. Lengthwise, that is...lots of outfits are too big width-wise and are baaaaarely long enough. Three weeks ago we drove down to see Randy's parents in California - she was great in the car, with just one bad adjustment day on either end of the trip. We stayed down there for a week, then went to visit chemnut25 and her cutie pie baby, Thomas, (oh, and Erik!) in San Fran. He makes Zoey look TINY.

Zoey is rolling over from front to back really regularly now...she hates tummy time and has figured out that if she rolls over she doesn't have to put up with it! There are times that she's rolled over instantly three times in a row until I just give up.

And I wish I could greet mornings the way she does - all stretches and giant grins...

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